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Let Bun Air Manage Your Aircraft

Bun Air offers Shared Aircraft Ownership management services, as well as Personal Aircraft Management, with other options for your specific use as well.

Personal Aircraft Management

Shared Aircraft Ownership

Personal Aircraft Management is one of the ways Bun Air stands out above the rest. If you own an airplane and don't have the time to maintain it, place to store it, Bun Air has the facilities and staff to keep you covered. Bun Air will also provide you with professionally trained pilots that work to your schedule.

By owning an aircraft you can keep your business and/or personal life more to yourself. Bun Air's professional staff will give you the opportunity to making owning an airplane more manageable. When you have your own airplane, you can make your own schedule, your own plans, and more importantly, your own source of travel at your fingertips. And by owning your own airplane you leave the hassle of commercial airlines behind.

Shared Aircraft Ownership helps you save time, money, and keep you on an open schedule. Bun Air's professional staff will give you the opportunity to make owning a plane much easier, all you have to do is step on the plane. Bun Air will provide you with pilots the work to your schedule, and between flights our maintenance team will keep your airplane ready to fly.

With Shared Aircraft Ownership you have the ability to leave behind the hassle of commercial airlines. No longer do you have to go through baggage claims, "pat-downs", check-ins or cancelled flights.

Shared Aircraft Ownership is your simplest way to fly. If you would like to join our group of like minded business/pleasure travelers contact Bun Air today!

Bun Air Aircraft Management Benefits

Administrative Benefits

  • Organize and Comply with FAA, IRS, EPA, and DOT Regulations

  • Management of Manufacture's Maintenance Requirements

  • Frequent Audits of FAA, DOT, IRS, and EPA compliance

  • Assured Compliance with Mandatory Service Bulletins

  • Evaluation of Recommended Service Bulletins for Potential Implementation

  • Assure Compliance with Airworthiness Directives

  • FAA Approved and Audited Drug Screening Porgram

  • Implementation and Compliance with Homeland Security Requirements

Functional Benefits

  • Pilot Services

  • Charter Revenue Opportunitys

  • 24/7 Available Hanger Space

  • Scheduling, Supervision, and Pilot Training Provided

  • Flight Risk Assessment Tools

  • Fatigue Risk Management 

  • Engine and Airframe Maintenance Management

  • Aircraft Record Keeping

  • Navigation Manuals, Charts and Subscription Upkeep

Bun Air Sales Benefits

  • Detailed Market Analysis

  • Accurate Aircraft Valuation

  • Aircraft Photo Shoot And Marketing Campaign

  • Creation Of Specs And Data Sheet

  • Pre-Release to Online Broker Sites

  • 1031 Exchange

  • Aircraft Demonstrations

  • LOI and Contract Negotiations

  • Expert Tax and Legal Consulting

  • FAA Documentation

  • Transaction Closing Oversight

  • Provided Loading of Updates to Avionics and Charts 

  • Provided Aviation Specific Human Resource Service

  • All Benefits Provided within the parameters of Bun Air's Safety Manual

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