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Flight Training

Bun Air Flight Training

Bun Air offers the highest standard in Flight Training! From our incredibly experienced Flight Instructors to the Aircraft themselves, Bun Air will provide you with a thorough flight education to give confidence and safety in the air. We offer the Private Pilots Certification and the Instrument Rating Certification. 

Why Become A Pilot?

Out of the countless reasons to become a pilot, it might be as simple as finding a different view of the world, or a new hobby to relax and soar, everyone has their own reason to become a pilot. Not sure if it's for you? Then come out and experience a discovery flight to take a peek into the world of flight today!

N5262H - Cessna 172 Skyhawk

N757DT - Cessna 152 Skyhawk

N5262H is Bun Air's 172 Skyhawk. Geared towards flight training and instruction, N5262H has 4 seats and is available for flight training or rental.

Our other training plane is N757DT, a Cessna 152, N757DT is a little smaller then its compatriot N5262H but is an ideal plane for learning pilots. An experienced plane, N757DT has graduated countless pilots.

Private Pilot License

Instrument Rating

With a Private Pilots License you will be able to:

  • Fly with passengers anywhere you would like to go.

  • Fly many different types of aircraft.

  • Buy or rent your own aircraft to accommodate your needs and preferences.

Privileges and Limitations:

  • Use the national airspace system to fly in instrument conditions in any approved aircraft for which you rate.

  • Multi-Engine instrument add-ons are available with additional training.


  • Complex airplanes, multi-engine airplanes, taildraggers, floatplanes, ect. require additional training.

  • Flying is limited to visual conditions only. Flight in clouds or low visibility requires an Instrument Rating.


  • Pass a medical exam given by an FAA approved physician.

  • Be at least 16 years old to solo, 17 years old to take the final exam

  • Complete Jeppesen Online Training Course (or equivalent ground training course) and pass a written test of aeronautical knowledge, with a score of 70% or better.

  • Log a minimum of 40 hours flight time that includes: 20 hours of instruction & 10 hours of solo flight time.

  • Pass an FAA practical test.


  • Hold at least a Private Pilot Certificate.

  • Complete Jeppesen Online Training Course and pass a written test on aeronautical knowledge, with a score of 70% or better.

  • 50 logged hours of cross country (at least 50 Nautical Miles from departure airport) as Pilot in Command (PIC) before or during training.

  • 40 logger hours of actual or simulated instrument fight including at least 15 hours of instrument flight training from an instrument instructor.

  • Instrument training on cross country flight procedures including one cross-country flight of at least 250 nautical miles in an airplane under IFR.

  • Pass an FAA practical test (there will be a flight examiner fee).

Our friendly Flight Instructors are highly trained, certified, and can't wait to help you achieve your aviation goals. Call us today to start your aviation journey or to ask any questions you may have about Flight Training!

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