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Power Bunny


Bun Air's Power Bunny is a revolutionary Ground Power Unit built in the USA.  Used for starting aircraft, avionics updates, maintenance power items and more, there is not a more economical and more powerful GPU.  Call today for a quote!



The Power Bunny PB2 is a self-contained, mobile "Start Cart". The PB2 is designed for use on any 14 or 28 volt system and is powerful enough to start might to medium reciprocating, turbine or jet aircraft.

There is plenty of power to run avionics, maintenance or air conditioning. The PB2 is made up of four (4) maintenance-free Absorbed Glass Mat (AGM) batteries which are Non-Spill/Non-Corrosive. The new LED indicator provides an immediate indication of the available charge of the PB2.

The PB2 provides power without any noise, fumes or uneven power surges. The PB2 can be towed behind a tug or can easily be moved by hand.

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